Amp’s STM32F4 PeriphLib

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Taking more than a little inspiration from this library package written and distributed by MaJerle, I’ve decided to do some writing of my own set of Peripheral Libraries for my favored microcontroller platforms. Right now this extends to ST’s stm32f4, and TI’s MSP430G2 series controllers.

This is also meant to serve as a learning experience for me, as I intend both to refresh the things I learned in my embedded systems class, and build new knowledge upon them, not to mention that I take one small issue with the basic idea behind MaJerle’s libs: Writing your libs to be structured to layer on top of someone else’s libs seems needlessly redundant, as MaJerle has written on top of StdPeriph and CUBE-HAL. The core difference with my code will be based on directly interacting with the register and bitmask definitions found in stm32f4xx.h,

My library package can be found on Github here. I also plan to do live video streaming of development of the package on, you can follow my channel here.

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